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Senate Vote On Stimulus Package,Senate approves deal expanding aid for small businesses,Congress vote on stimulus|2020-05-18

stimulus package voteMcConnell: No Further Senate Votes On Coronavirus Package …

“That’s right,” said the defense secretary, Mark Esper, standing to Trump’s right.2 Senate Republican John Thune, who said in a statement he did not feel well when he woke up on Wednesday and decided to take a charter flight home to South Dakota “out of an abundance of caution.“The State of Iowa is sufficiently interconnected that we expect continued growth of Covid-19, even in the absence of any measures to relax social distancing or to reopen previously closed businesses and religious institutions,” they wrote.GOP senators descended to the floor of the chamber to express their outrage over the hold-up and accused Democrats of delaying aid as families continue to hurt.

House Passes Democrats’ $3T Coronavirus ‘HEROES’ Aid …

We don’t have another hour.Senate Proposal: Up To $25,000 Pay Raise For These Essential Workers.Mnuchin, who took part in five days of tense, marathon negotiations between congressional Democrats and Senate Republicans, said most Americans would opt to keep their jobs, adding that the provision was needed to streamline the process of getting aid to workers nationwide.But tests are normally administered to people who are already showing symptoms or are at high risk of complications from the disease.Some in Washington, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, question whether the relief measures have met their goals and want to tap the brakes before approving more federal spending to evaluate the effects of the already-approved relief packages.

stimulus package 2020 voteSenate Fails To Pass Cloture Vote On Coronavirus Stimulus …

(Read more about our partnership with Facebook.“The American people expect us to act tomorrow.In addition to boosting the PPP, which some analysts are describing as a “Phase 3.The American people expect us to act.Reynolds has downplayed such models as she continues her push to reopen the economy, despite surging numbers of deaths this week.We’ve been back two weeks. (RELATED: House Passes Updated Coronavirus Bill).Birx also implied that contrary to reports, there are enough ventilators to go around.Derided as a slush fund by Democrats, the measure would ban stock buybacks and layoffs for loan recipients but with loopholes for buyback arrangements entered into before enactment, and companies would have to avoid layoffs only to the extent practicable.

McConnell: No Further Senate Votes On Coronavirus Package …

The bill includes provisions to assist farmers, protect renters and homeowners from evictions and foreclosures, and extend family and medical leave provisions previously approved by Congress.They are not jokes.McConnell drew scathing criticism from King last month when the Kentucky Republican suggested states may need to go bankrupt rather than the federal government providing more aid.7 million loans.It faced opposition from Republicans and more moderate Democrats in the House because of its size, although progressives argue the legislation doesn’t go far enough.

senate stimulus voteFact Check: Did Democrats Vote For The Coronavirus …

No money for state and local governments … many of whom would go broke.However, an amendment that would have changed the unemployment provision failed just before the Senate approved the measure., late Sunday said he’d met with Ueland and Mnuchin six times that day.When this strain of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, was identified in Wuhan, China in early January, health experts immediately cautioned that it could turn into a global health crisis.Lindsey Graham reportedly opposes direct payments.The Senate on Sunday night failed to pass a procedural cloture vote on a phase-three coronavirus stimulus bill as there has been continued internal dispute between both parties.

Senate Fails To Advance Coronavirus Stimulus Package As …

“I do not believe we should pass a $2-trillion bill by unanimous consent,” McCarthy said.“Every student deserves the ability to learn from home”, wrote Schaaf.The bill passed by the House Friday evening — which Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are calling the HEROES Act (PDF), according to a fact sheet from the House Appropriations Committee — includes a wide range of benefits, such as a second direct payment to individuals and households.The amount is reduced by $5 for every $100 a person earns over $75,000.While it’s already been dismissed by Republicans in the Senate….That left thousands of small businesses in limbo as they sought help.

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